The Green Flash


Hello out there —

Friends from Massachusetts say they had a 60F day recently. Global warming really has us topsy-turvy, because we had a cold wave here. It was only 75F during the day (which might sound nice to those in the North, tho’ not for us) and chillier at night. I had no desire to swim. When you visit, bring a sweater for the evenings.

But — wowie zowie — after all my complaining about the weather and all the low clouds that obscured the horizon even on sunny days, I finally saw the Green Flash!!!! And saw the Green Flash on 2 successive evenings! Everybody says it’s a record. BTW, to those new to tropical sunsets, the Green Flash should properly be called the Aquamarine Flash — the color of swimming pool water. It occurs (if you’re lucky) in the very last split second when the sun sinks into the ocean. It’s been occurring every now and then ever since.

Meanwhile, the nice warm low-80’s weather has come back and I am perfecting the art of dolce far niente, which really suits me. My mother always called me lazy (I didn’t feel like I was being lazy at all), but it must have been a self-fulfilling prophecy because, compared to Lincoln where I’m always rushing hither and yon, here I can indulge my lazy gene. Read, sleep, eat, swim, check out the birds and boats from my terrace — all play and no work, what’s wrong with that? I don’t think I’m any duller, either. I do call grocery shopping work, and guiding my tourists around is actually extremely HARD work mentally and physically; but that’s not every day.

I have taken a timid step toward feeding the birds again. In years past, I always fed them — just plain old sugar is what they like. But I had trouble when they flew into the house through the sliding glass doors, then panicked because they couldn’t figure out how to get out again. (Except for those sliders, all the windows have screens.) So they banged against the windows, often pooped on the furniture, etc. But it turns out that I miss them too much. There’s really a charming and colorful collection of tropical birdies here, and I miss their activity when I’m outside eating or reading. So I’ve just started with a few sugar cubes. We shall see. . . .

The Jacquinia tree next to my front path is flowering and the perfume is crazy-making, it’s so divine as I come and go. In Papiamentu, they call it Mata Piska (fish-killer) because they say if you put some fragrant branches in the water, the fish will flock to it, get drowsy/high, and thus be easy to catch.

Still reading “Team of Rivals” on my Kindle. I’ve reached 40%, the middle of the Civil War. BTW, do you realize that more people were killed in that war than in all of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc., combined?

I’ve got a new blog post in mind, so stay tuned. Cheers, Diana

About Diana's Curacao

Architect, art historian and naturalist guiding individualized tours of Curacao. Blending architecture, nature, gastronomy and shopping according to the interests of my tour guests (no more than 4 at a time). More about me, and even better, more about this beautiful island and the tours I do, at my website:

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