“Flat tire” is “flet tyre” in Papiamentu, the language of Curacao


Yeterday morning I led a historic Willemstad (the capitol city) walking tour for 2 nice Dutch-Canadians. They were very interested in everything I showed them, which is so gratifying to the guide (me).  

After which I went to speak to the tour desk lady at one of the hotels (for maybe an hour). Then I finally got my car and headed for home, at about 4:30.  About 2 miles from my house (remember how bad the roads are here), I had a flat tire.
It wasn’t an ordinary flat — the tire was gashed circumferentially and the wire reinforcement netting was sticking out.  Nothing repairable.
Well, since I had stopped near a Toko (a neighborhood refreshment place), several teenage boys saw my problem and immediately started changing the ripped tire for the spare.  (But it took a long time- – -and in the sun.)  I gave them a 25 florin tip (where 10 would have been the right amount), because I was so grateful to them!
I asked them where I could buy a new tire: by this time it’s 5:30.  So I drive to the place they indicated and it was closed.  6:00.  Somebody says there’s another tire place 10 minutes away.  It was much farther than that — it was almost back downtown, and I couldn’t find it.  So by this time I was so exhausted and dehydrated, that I decided to drive home on the spare (which was not properly inflated),  and worry about it tomorrow. 
So I turned around and, by accident, I found the place!  Run by a Syrian guy, married to a Jamaican woman.  Well he was really sweet, as was she.  But there were several people ahead of me.  So for an hour I sat on a stool the owners offered me. Then he got me a matching tire and installed it 1-2-3.  So I was good to go — but he said I drove too fast, in view of the road conditions, and on the best  roads on the island, I could go 80kph (normally I went 100!), but on difficult roads (80%) no more than 60kph– less than 40mph!.  I’ll feel like I’m standing still. 
Bear in mind that the Tire Saga cost me almost all the money I had made from the tour!
So I finally arrived home at 7:30 and I see a lot of cars parked near my sweet Dutch neighbors’ house — turns out it was an unplanned gathering of all the people who wanted to say Bon Voyage to this darling couple who were flying back to Holland and won’t be back here until next September.  I had had the same idea myself, so I dropped in too. It was just what I needed: a comfy chair and 2 glasses of Blanc des Blancs.
I went home afterwards and threw myself in the pool like a wounded warrior — could barely swim, I was so bone-tired.  Then I ate some cheese and bread and went to bed.  Maybe 10:30pm.  Found myelf still wide awake (guess I was still totally wound up) at 12:30am!  So I took melotonin pill, and finally called it a day, feeling like I’d just run the Boston Marathon.

See you on www.CuracaowithDiana.com.  Ciao for now, Diana

About Diana's Curacao

Architect, art historian and naturalist guiding individualized tours of Curacao. Blending architecture, nature, gastronomy and shopping according to the interests of my tour guests (no more than 4 at a time). More about me, and even better, more about this beautiful island and the tours I do, at my website: www.curacaowithdiana.com.

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