The Costa Concordia cruise ship — here in Curacao!


Yesterday, the Costa Mediterranea was in port here in Curacao.  It is a monster of a ship — huge, gigantic, words-fail-me — and just happens to be the sister ship (same exact design and same cruise line) of the Costa Concordia which ran aground on the Italian island of Giglio (means lily) a few days ago.
It just so happens that (before my Curacao incarnation) I lived in Italy for many, many years and visited a lot of the islands on vacation  — Elba, Ponza, Ischia, Giglio, etc.  And I’m also a scuba diver.
I won’t speak to the captain’s actions on leaving passengers aboard his ship while saving his own skin.  But I do know one thing for sure: the captain of the C.Concordia would have to be either drunk or a moron even to consider buzzing the Giglio so his onshore buddies could admire his dream ship. 
All those islands are surrounded by dangerous reefs and are visited by small boats, the largest being a small inter-island ferry.  Rowboats, yes.  Yachts, yes.  Ocean-going skyscraper hotels, nope. The captain’s name is Francesco Schettino.  I prefer to call him Captain Cretino (= cretin, idiot, etc.) 

I’m sorry I didn’t have my camera with me so I could send you pix of the towering sister ship, because the photos on TV showing half a ship on its side, don’t begin to give you an idea of its enormous size when it was afloat. 
Tell me what you think,too.  Your ever-lovin’ correspondent, Diana


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