Papayas and Papayas


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As you can imagine there are many kinds of Papayas in the world, but I never realized it until I started spending the winter in Curacao.

What we get in the States is the Maridol Cuban type.  Long like a football and quite red inside, with lots of black seeds.  Here they have 2 types, Venezuelan and Curacaoan.  The Venezuelan type which is also grown here) are also long with seeds, but there are 2 types – the ones for eating raw as a fruit turn yellow when ripe; the ones for cooking (yes, cooking) stay green. They make a delicious papaya stew with pork from those; completely yummy.)

The special Curacaoan papayas are completely round and – – – get this – – – no seeds.  Turns out there are 3 types of plants: male, female and hermaphrodite.  The females HAVE NO SEEDS, and are literally sweeter than sugar.  I eat them whenever I can.  Supposedly there are 5 types of flowers on the hermaphrodite plants.  (I must check them out at my friend’s mini-farm.)  Notice that I said plants not “trees.”  For it turns out the papaya is a herbaceous plant, whereas the mango comes from an actual tree.  And that is why I am so fearful that my round papaya supply will come to an end if my friend’s plants rot out with all the rain they’ve had this year. (La Nina’s fault, of course.)

Today at lunch, I had to “make do” with a papaya from Venezuela, the La Indiana type it’s called.  Still scrumptious.  No complaints.

Ciao 4 nao, Diana


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