Birds of Paradise


Living here, or in my case just wintering here, is like living in an aviary.  My cottage is on a cliff overlooking the sea, but I’m surrounded by beautiful trees and shrubs.  The birds are always around me.  An Emerald Hummingbird visits the flowers on the Ixora bushes, 2 Bare-Eyed Pigeons engaged in courting behavior on a railing, Bananaquits and Rufous-collared Sparrows actually come inside the house to visit.

At home in Lincoln, Massachusetts, I am a birder, meaning somebody who goes somewhere with binoculars specifically to see interesting birds.  But here the birds come to me.

I am going to post photos of Bananaquits (yellow bellies they call them here) and a Bare-Eyed Pigeon, a much bigger bird than our street pigeons.  If I can figure out how to do that!


About Diana's Curacao

Architect, art historian and naturalist guiding individualized tours of Curacao. Blending architecture, nature, gastronomy and shopping according to the interests of my tour guests (no more than 4 at a time). More about me, and even better, more about this beautiful island and the tours I do, at my website:

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  1. You’re off to a good start. I might suggest posting some of your earlier “faux blog” entries (for instance and perhaps especially,2011-12 #2. Also, I don’t know how WordPress handles pics, but that would be lovely, too! Go, Diana!

  2. Hi Diana,

    This is a follow up to my earlier comment. When I mentioned posting pictures along with your last “faux blog” entry, I was thinking of the birds, maybe not the German couple you referred to…or…maybe? Why discriminate?

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