It’s the beauty. stupid!


This island enchants me. I originally came here just for scuba diving, but then I discovered the 1700’s Dutch Baroque architecture in Caribbean pastel colors, and the spectacular natural wonders that wow everybody. I’ll try to write more to fill you in on how I got hooked on this island.


About Diana's Curacao

Architect, art historian and naturalist guiding individualized tours of Curacao. Blending architecture, nature, gastronomy and shopping according to the interests of my tour guests (no more than 4 at a time). More about me, and even better, more about this beautiful island and the tours I do, at my website:

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  1. OK Diana,
    I’m trying again since I’m not accustomed to using www on emails and it’s the first time I’ve had a problem with it
    I didn’t realize it was your blog which I find fascinating.I didn’t know you had a business there.
    .Maybe Pagliacci was a bad example.Perhaps Rigoletto would have been a better choice.I’m glad you have a knowledge of opera.I used to have a subscription to the Metropolitan Opera for many years and now enjoy the HD simulcasts from the Met at the Solmon Pond Multiplex.Keep writing,I love it.

    • I actually adore opera, and I also go to the Met HD offerings, but at the cinema in Framingham.
      However, I’m not a Wagnerian, never go to those. But I’m heavy into the Italians. I can recite many Verdi operas by heart. I’ve also had many opera subscriptions, but the lazy man’s and pauper’s way is tthe HD simulcasts. di

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